Welcome to my BDSM Training page.

I am Master Jason, and am an experienced Leather Master.

Being active in many social groups, many potential slaves approach me asking to serve me, or want to learn more about serving a master. Since my time is valuable, the only way I could accommodate any of these worthy applicants is to prioritize those with real commitment. I have created my slave training program to help men explore their submissive natures in an erotic yet comfortable environment where they are free to act out their fantasies for a skilled dominant Asian man.

Have you ever wondered to yourself…

…why do I feel the need to always be in control of every situation... at home... at work... in bed?

…how can I learn to let go and submit to a worthy man?

…how can I explore my desire to submit and serve a worthy man?

…I feel the desire to serve, but how do I enact these desires in my life or erotic play... where do I start?

…can I put a voice to my secret desires?

Master Jason’s BDSM training program for submissive men has helped men find the answers to these questions… and it can help you too! Read on to find out more...